Celia Arroyo and Lucía Martinez– co-founders of The Needo

“We went to a wonderful boutique hotel in Oporto, Portugal, the sheets were amazing, we had never seen this softness before. 

We asked them if they were selling it and they weren’t, so back in Madrid, Spain, where we are from and we live, went to a department store to find them.

The Price was outrageous, more than 300 € for the quality and with horrible and old-fashioned prints on it.

We asked ourselves how it could cost so much to do some sheets?

All the cost is not because of the quality but due to the distribution system (big retailers & department stores, agents, design licenses, etc).

So, we immediately had the idea of founding The Needo, a super high quality bedding brand with affordable prices for people that value. We though about the possibility of living bed just like a hotel but in the comfort of your own home, The Needo is the results of that. We have 300 reasons (thread) to enjoy bed, find out yours! <3

#myneedo #yourneedo

July 14, 2020 — celia arroyo