(Percale 300 TC) Pillow cases (x2) - LILAC

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Pack of 2 pillow cases in luxurious 300 thread count 100% cotton percale. Its fabric structure is defined by its freshness and lightness, resulting in a matte finish product with an exceptional breathability and durability. Being extremely soft and comfortable

100% long staple cotton

OEKO-TEX® certified textile free from harmful chemicals

20 cm flap closure

Made in Portugal

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The Needo bedwear is designed to be mixed and matched, combining textures and colors according to the idea that every needo is unique and should be defined by your own personality.

Taking care of your bedding

How to wash #myneedo?

We usually wash our sheets at 30°, but you can wash them at higher temperatures up to 60°. These are strong, luxurious fabrics that can be washed up to 90° for more aggressive industrial washing.

If you wash your needo at 60º the only thing you have to keep in mind is that it may shrink a little more the first time, although the maximum shrinkage is no more than 5%, so it's not a problem! Washing at 30-40º, the shrinkage would be a maximum of 3%. As you can see, there is hardly any difference.

Here's a tip! Avoid spin-drying as much as possible. In this process the fibers separate and can break, losing the softness of the cotton over time. With gentle washing programs you won't have any problems.

How to get a perfect needo, is it ironing as little as possible?

Another issue that often worries us is: wrinkles. How to get a perfect needo without ironing? We have a few tips!

Don't overload the washing machine. If it is too full, two things will happen that will promote the appearance of wrinkles: on one hand, water will not reach all the ends of the sheet, causing some parts to remain humid, without getting completely wet, which will cause the fabric to wrinkle. Secondly, it won't allow the water to penetrate into the fibers, washing them worse and not allowing them to realign, creating wrinkles once again.

Take them out of the washing machine quickly and hang them spread as fast as possible. 

Can I use fabric softener?

No problem! This is just a matter of taste. For us, the scent of the detergent and the texture of the sheet itself is usually enough. But an extra scent and fluffiness never hurts!

Don't hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions or needs. We are at your disposal for whatever you need and happy to help and advise you.

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